Results and picture 2020 Locarno 11th October

Hannibal's Crossing
Battle of Trebbia

OCR European Qualification Ranking
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Who will be eligible: 

  • Top 10 per gender overall qualifies for Elite or Age Group division
  • Top 10 per gender of each age group qualifies for Age Group division

It will only be possible to qualify for Age Group division if the qualifying race publishes the results per age group.

If the qualifying race does not publish results per age group, it will only be possible to qualify on the overall results!


No more than 50 % of an age group or a gender in a division at a specific event can qualify for the OCR European Championships (e.g. if an age group has only 10 athletes in it, only the top 5athletes are deemed qualifiers). The calculation is based on the number of starting participants in the race/relevant heat and not the number of athletes who finished the race/heat. In case of an odd number we round up in favour of the athletes.

If you have any questions / concerns about the qualification conditions for OCREC2020, due to EOSF guidelines you should contact:

  1. National governing bodies – whereby your country has a national governing body which is a member if the EOSF.
  1. ESOF ( if the race comes from a country in which there is no organisation associated in the EOSF.

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Results of
Battle of Trebbia 2020 Locarno 11th October

You can download the official updated results of Hannibal's Crossing, Battle of Trebbia Locarno 11th October 2020

Click link below to download all the results.




2020 Photos Locarno 11th october 2020