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Hannibal's Crossing

Comes from the idea to create the first obstacle race – applying official OCR regulations – to be held in the Swiss canton of Ticino, within a setting entirely immersed in nature.

A Single path, a single way to a Battle.

The BATTLE OF TREBBIA trail will be at least 8km long, while HANNIBAL KIDS, depending on the category, will be either 1.6km or 3.2km in length.

The obstacles will follow the principle of the four natural elements:


Some of the obstacles will be natural, many of which inspired by the surrounding territory, while others will be designed and built according to the OCR regulations.

The story of

It was 218 BC when Hannibal leaving from Spain, crossed the Alps with thirty thousand men, fifteen thousand horses and thirty-seven war elephants, to surprise the Roman army during the Second Punic war.

Marching from Spain, crossing The Pyrenees and the Alps arriving in the Italian Peninsula, the result was a devastating defeat to the Romans in 4 battles: Battle of Ticino (218 B.), Battle of Trebbia (218 B.C), Battle of Canne (216 B.C), Battle of Lake Trasimeno (217 B.C) and other minor battles.

Competition qualifying

Some Race of Hanniba's Crossing are valid for SOSF OCR Swiss Championship,
OCR European Championship, OCR World Championship and FISO OCR World Championships.


Antonello Atzeni

Event Manager

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Beatrice Amato

Event Manager

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